Photo Diary- from Paris with love

They say Paris is the city of love. For me it was the city where I found my self. I was emerged into the elegance and fascinating history of such a beautiful city.

From Madrid to Paris.

The view from my window.

I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Truly the city of love. These type of vending machines are everywhere.

Louvre Museum.

Frog Legs . They taste like chicken.

Creme Brulee my favorite thing in the world.

My classmates.

Ladies ❤

These are just a few pics from my Paris trip that I wanted to share and a few things I learned in Paris.

– French people are very friendly.

– Men are even more friendly…

– Having a certain sense of the culture and the language comes very handy so pay attention in your foreign language class or pick up a new language and learn the basics.

– Everyone smokes.

– Between 1pm and 3pm everything is closed except American franchises.

– Food portions are very small but that’s because is so delicious. At first you will find it funny, then you get use to it. Good things come in small packages.

– Always carry the hotel address with you and learn the difference between Quatre and Quatorze.

– Yes they eat croissant et cafe au lait.

– It is very cold in Paris. Colder than New York or Madrid.

– Women wear high heels even if it’s snowing.

– Women wear fur or faux fur coats. Before I thought it was weird now I’ve learned that a faux fur coat can look very glamorous and keep you warm.

– Clothes are very expensive. Let me rephrase that EVERYTHING is expensive.

– When shopping for groceries take your reusable bag or you will have to buy plastic bags and people will give you funny looks.

– It really is the city of love. I was the happiest person in the world in Paris and forgot about all my problems.


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