Inexpensive ways to revamp your wardrobe

I’m usually not a DIY (do it yourself ) girl but for the last days I’ve learned really cool tricks to revamp some of my clothes.  A cool way to wear the same shirt and to change it up a bit to make it look like a totally new shirt is adding brooches or pins. You can add jewelry ,bead and appliques to your old shirt and use a product like Liqui Sew which is a super strong adhesive for fabrics. You can embellished everything. Also I was reading about the $2 Dollar trick that will change your wardrobe on and they have great tips on how to use dye to change an ensemble or accessories . I got really inspired by this video from which is diy website.


My inspiration for this was this shirt.

So I started with a plain black shirt and Liqui Sew and an old necklace that i got from a street vendor.


and this is my result
another great video is this one by my favorite Youtube Guru Michelle Phan on how to change your shoes!

I hope you guys get excited and revamp your wardrobe! Xoxo