Rain Rain Go Away – How To look Cute on Rainy Days

When is cold and nasty outside is hard to look cute. Getting frizzy hair and wet shoes is not fun but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and work with mother nature. There are a few things you can do to look cute and stay dry.

Make sure you wear the right gear:

  • Wear leather or rubber boots because they are water resistant. If you wear Uggs or suede boots your feet will get drenched & you might get athlete’s foot from wearing wet shoes.
  • Wear a nice waterproof coat or a trench coat in your favorite color to show off your personality.
  • Rainy days are gray and depressing so make it fun , get a cute umbrella with your favorite color or a cool print!
Bonus Tip: if you wear mascara make sure is waterproof


Rain Rain go away
rainy day- evening
Rainy day -weekend look
Cuando hace frío y el clima esta desagradable es difícil verse bien. Tener el pelo desalineado y los zapatos mojados no es divertido, pero tenemos que actuar y trabajar con la madre naturaleza para vernos guapas. Hay algunos coonsejos que podemos seguir para lucir lindas en un dia de lluvia.Asegúrate de llevar los accesorios adecuado:

  • Usa botas de cuero o de goma porque son resistentes al agua. Si usas botas Uggs o botas de pana los pies se mojaran y puede que cause el pie de atleta por usar los zapatos mojados por unas cuantas horas.
  • Llevar un buen abrigo impermeable o un abrigo en tu color preferido para mostrar  tu personalidad.
  • Los días de lluvia son gris y depresivos  para hacerlo más divertido es genial llevar un paragua lindo con tu color favorito o de estampado cool!
Sugerencia: si usas mascara de pestañas asegurate de que sea resistente al agua.
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10 comments on “Rain Rain Go Away – How To look Cute on Rainy Days

  1. Excellent tips & I LOVE the outfits you put together! So cute!

  2. Kam says:

    Loving the red trench coat! I saw a girl wearing a really nice turquoise trench- I am color inspired!

  3. Kim says:

    Love patterned umbrellas! they make rain so much more fun. I have one with musical notes, so it is raining musical notes 🙂 Has anyone seen the one with cats wearing boots? My mother says things like it is raining cats outside, I want to get her that umbrella. lol

  4. Reblogged this on beauty delicacy and commented:
    How could you not want to steal these looks?

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