What to wear to go sailing

Lately Fall has been very warm in New York City. On Sunday I went sailing on the Hudson river with my sister and some friends. I never thought I would go sailing in the city in the middle of October.I decide to dress up for the occasion and enjoy the warm weather for Columbus Day weekend.  It felt like the last day of summer. I really enjoyed the day drinking wine , bonding with my sister and best of all doing the shuffling dance.

I had a great time and here are some tips for you to enjoy your voyage too:

Outfit tips

  • Wear nautical colors such as navy blue, white and red
  • Remember to bring shades and a scarf or jacket . Is very sunny but in occasions it can get very windy
  • Wear comfortable shoes and make sure they don’t screech the floor, you don’t want to leave rubber marks on the boat.
  • Bring a purse or tote to fit in your personal belongings
  • Make sure anything you wear is comfortable you will be on the boat for a good amount of time
Other tips
  • If you tend to get seasick bring seasick pills such as Bonine motion sickness protection and  Pepto-Bismol for nausea
  • Bring a camera to capture great pictures
  • Bring snacks and water
  • Last but not least listen to the safety instructions

Townsend, Foley + Corinna, Bottega Veneta

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