Label Addict

I confess. I use to be a label addict, obsessed , label whore what ever you want to call it. I use to be the girl who never wore anything if it wasn’t brand or designer name. I’m not saying that I am proud of this. I use to look like a walking billboard with so many labels on me. Don’t judge me either , in our society we are conditioned to brag about what we have , especially in our American culture we are taught from an early age to show off what we have and we grow up with that idea. Since labels are expensive it represents a status , a status of  wealth and power therefore the easiest way to convey that message to others that we can purchase some items that others can’t is through fashion.

I use to think that it was normal until I discover vintage clothes. Vintage clothes broke the status quo for me.  Now I see fashion as art, as a mean to express myself not something to show off. I love how vintage clothes are unique , how they have a history and the older they get the better they look. I never thought I would even consider buying vintage clothes until I went to a thrift store and discovered another side of fashion.  Vintage clothes changed my mind completely about fashion and my motto now is – Is  not what you wear is how you wear it!  I’m not saying that I won’t buy designer clothes I’m saying that I am more open about fashion and new ideas. I like simple things too. Now I mix and match vintage with designers , high-end with low-end and I create unique outfits and fashion have become more fun.

This video will change your mind about clothes and personal style . This is a designer who wears nothing new and shops thrift stores.

Jessie Arrignton : Wearing nothing new on


The Style Elite


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