MTV Vma’s Fashion

Every year I look forward to the MTV Video Music Awards (Vma’s) red carpet anticipating the exciting fashion , the good, the ugly and the what the hell?  This year the Vma’s was really disappointing when it comes to fashion . I expected more glamour , artful and tasteful ensembles yet it was more tacky than ever. There was only a handful of  impeccably dressed ladies such as Beyonce , Katie Holmes and Zoe Saldana.  All the other celebrities seem to agree on wearing the worst outfit to the Vma’s.

Best Dressed 

Katie Homes


Zoe Saldana

Britney Spears

Maria Menounos

Worst Dressed 

Nikki Minaj

Katy Perry


Deena Cortese

Little Mama

Mika Newton

Cristal Reed

Miley Cyrus

Liz Lee


The Style Elite


2 comments on “MTV Vma’s Fashion

  1. Kirsy Muñoz says:

    OMG! what is that? was Nikki Minaj vomited by Lady Gaga? Did Miley Cyrus borrow the statute of liberty’s clothes? That jersey shore girl looks like a lollipop swirl! I wish I could comment under every pic and say what they were thinking (or drinking) when they chose their outfits.

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