Soft shiny locks

After my trip from Europe I decide to become a brunette. I went to my hair stylist and she did the whole process. She told me that I must condition my hair because my hair is going through drastic changes. I have always used professional hair products so I thought my hair was safe.  Boy was I wrong ! My stylist explained that when you change our hair color we must change the hair routine because hair tends to become very dry with the dying process. The other day I went to the drugstore to buy chocolates and they had a sale on hair products. I typically never buy hair products at the drugstore mainly because I use professional hair care products. In New York we have beauty supplies stores everywhere. These stores carry everything from Pantene to Salerm products, anything you can imagine, even things you didn’t know people use for beauty. They carry products from all over the world.

So mainly I always go to any local beauty supply store to get my products but I was tempted to buy a deep hair mask by Neutrogena. Its called Triple Moisture by Neutrogena and it change my whole perspective on drugstore hair care products. It left my hair silky smooth and it smell like sweet almonds but is not an overpowering smell. This deep mask works better than the one my stylist puts on my hair and charges me $60 dollars. I washed my hair , then I put the mask with a shower cap and left it on for 5 minutes. After I rinsed my hair I blow dried it. My hair feels really soft. I really was attracted to this product because it says it has naturally derive extracts such as olive oil and almonds. It says that it treats dry, over processed and color treated hair. Since I was blonde and decided to become a brunette my hair has been under a lot of stress so I need to moisturize my hair. This product became a must have and that rarely happens with any product so quickly because I like to use products for a while to see if they actually work. This really taught me a lesson, don’t  judge or generalized products based on others opinion.  Like that old saying goes  “don’t judge a book by its cover” Next time you go to a store and you are curious about a product follow your instinct you might just be surprised …. Happy shopping 🙂


The Style Elite


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