What to wear to a Film Festival

The first thing I think about when I get invited to a place is what should I wear? I’ve never been invited to a film festival so it was tricky to know what to wear. I figured since in the fashion and in the film industry black clothing is a staple I should wear something black. I wanted to look stylish yet presentable for the occasion. I decided to wear black skinny pants, a black blouse, a black sleeveless vest and booties. I know I went overboard with black but black is my favorite color.

When we arrived I was thrilled that I fit in with my black ensemble.  On the other hand I saw a lot of people who looked like they were going to a party. Some guys wore suits and some girls wore clubbing dresses and they look like they were in the wrong place. Since there was no dress code I think is better to stick to a mix of business casual yet stylish , not too formal not too casual.

Tips on what to wear to a film festival:

– Wear comfortable clothes that are trendy.  I suggest that you wear a nice blouse or shirt/tunic with pants. If you decide to wear a skirt or dress make sure you wear leggings or tights because it’s very cold in the theater.

– Make sure you have a cardigan or a jacket . It was very cold in the theatre and you don’t want to freeze to death. Also the temperature in New York is very unpredictable so is better to be ready for anything.

– Wear high heels . Any outfit looks better in heels.

What to carry in your purse:

– bring a portable umbrella , just in case it rains.

– If you wear high heels or you are not used to them is a good idea to bring portable flats.

– Water, mints and a snack bar.

– Camera just in case you see any celebrity or you want to take pics.

Jeremy Piven

                                                                                                          Kate Walsh

                                                                                            Gaby Dellal Director

                                                                                       A brief Q&A after the movie.

                                                                 Me and my sister (yeah I dye my hair black)

                                                                                  My beautiful sister & her BF

The Movie I went to see its called Angel’s Crest which is based on a book about how a whole community is involved in a tragedy. Luckily I saw Jeremy Piven and Kate Walsh.

Some outfit ideas :


2 comments on “What to wear to a Film Festival

  1. Joyce Seroto says:

    Thank you this was very helpful. I will go for black pants then break the could with a pink blouse and pink shoes.

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