Spring Jacket Trends

Spring is here!!!! Mother nature is finally cooperating and It finally feels like spring. Sometimes the weather is so unpredictable that we don’t know what to wear and we end up looking funny. I’ve notice people wearing coats with flip-flops , mini skirts with Ugg boots and leather jackets with sandals, not a good look. Its kind of tricky to dress for spring but the key is to have a nice jacket that is not too heavy or too light.  The other day I was at Columbia University for the fashion industry & e-commerce conference with my sister and she brought up a good point. She said that bomber jackets are cute but they look too rough for spring and I totally agree. Bomber jackets are more of a fall piece. The big trends right now are  military inspired, floral, collarless, print and varsity jackets. Last but not least the trench coat is always in for spring. As much as I love my bomber jacket hard rocker chic look  it’s time to say goodbye for now and hunt for a spring jacket.   Here are a few jackets to get inspired!

Trench coats
White House, Burberry, James Jeans



                                                          Photos via style.com


The Style Elite



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